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Make sure you are covered all the time when working for Uber and Lyft.

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Commercial TNC Insurance 

Did you know that your personal auto insurance policy doesn't provide you with coverage when you are working as a rideshare driver with companies like Uber and Lyft?

Also, rideshare companies' full commercial liability coverage doesn’t start working until you accept a ride. With Khasim Rideshare Insurance you will avoid a potential gap in coverage by extending your personal auto insurance coverage as soon as you log in and when you are waiting for your next rider. 

What gap? 

You can face a grave coverage gap while working as a rideshare driver because most of the rideshare companies offer only a limited liability coverage while you are logged in waiting to be matched with your next rider. Their full commercial liability coverage applies only when you accept a ride. While you are still waiting, their policy generally only offers limited liability coverage for medical expenses and damage you cause to others if an accident is your fault, so any damage to you or your car are not typically covered by this policy and would have to be your responsability.

I thought I was covered by my personal auto insurance policy...

Not really! Most of personal auto insurance providers exclude coverage when you are using your vehicle as a rideshare driver.

UberBLACK and Transportation Company Insurance

UberBLACK and Uber SUV are high-end car service that gives users an on-demand ride in a luxury sedan or SUV. UberBLACK rides can cost more than twice as much as the other options of rides the company offers, so it’s no wonder the highest-earning Uber drivers drive for UberBLACK, they must have commercial licensing and registration, and the cars must be luxury vehicles.

*UberX and UberXL may be able to use a personal auto policy with a rideshare endorsement.
To get Commercial Insurance the vehicle must be registered commercially and Carry commercial insurance as low as $750,000 (depending on number of passengers)
In California, you will need a TCP and we recommend you obtain your TCP prior to completing your insurance proposal as proposals are only good for as little as 10 days.


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